1986 Yugo
Fall, 1990

My parents, being the loving souls that they are, decided I had been through enough pain and suffering and would help me purchase a new vehicle. New Yugos had gone on sale for $3495, and I thought it was kind of cool and could be fixed up kind of neat, so we decided to get one.

One month later I totaled it. It was raining, I was tailgating, wasn't paying attention, blah blah blah ... learned a lesson that night (the hard way - with my forehead into the windshield). In that month though, I had already added a custom speaker box in the hatch that held 2 Fosgate 15" subwoofers, still powered by the same Roadmaster amp I had used in the Firebird. Whatever it was, it didn't have enough power. I remember driving with my dad to the tow yard to go get the remains of my stereo system out of the car before they totaled it.

At this point in time, I went back to driving the Firebird. It had only been a month, so we hadn't sold it yet!