1983 Monte Carlo
Spring of 1992

There are points in my life that I look back at and wonder what in the world I was thinking. After the engine in my Firebird started knocking, I ended up trading it to another kid at school for an awful looking Monte Carlo. Although the Monte Carlo's engine was in better shape, the body was in terrible condition. Although the Monte Carlo was originally white, the majority of the color scheme consisted of red primer, grey primer, and tan bondo ... yeah, it was a beauty.

I had a lot of fun destroying this car. It turns out it's not that expensive to have your muffler and pipes welded back on after spinning out of control on a dirt road, going backwards into a ditch, and having the entire exhaust system removed for you. At least it got decent mileage. I drove this car for a little while and was going to fix it up but never did. I drove it for a while but was disappointed with the perfomance and the mileage. I don't even think this piece of crap had a radio.

One time, my friend (while riding in the passenger seat) asked how fast you can go down a dirt road before losing control. The answer was 47mph. At 48mph, we began spinning and I ended up dumping the car in a ditch backwards, completely removing the exhaust system. That's how we determined the answer was 47mph.

After getting my Festiva, I sold this car for $200 to a pizza delivery driver I worked with. He drove it for about 6 months before it broke down in a Wal-Mart parking lot. They left it there.

The car pictured below was not mine. It's the same style as mine ... just imagine it covered in primer and bondo and dents.