1979 Ford Mustang
Summer, 1989 - Spring, 1990

This American icon was purchased for $1,000 by my parents for me as my first car. This car had 2 problems, which led to it's eventual demise. One, it had 160,000 miles when we bought it. Two, it had me as a driver.

With it's bossy 302-V8 (5.0 liter) engine under the hood, I had *NO* problem getting into trouble in this baby. Just ask my friend Andy about the time I high centered it on a parking block behind Mazzio's. Or about the time we lost all my hubcaps from doing doughnuts in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and had to buy one back from some kid. Or the time we jumped it off of the Council Road interstate exit ... Whee!

I think that one time when I jumped it, I messed up the oil pump, because I shortly afterwards lost oil pressure. Dad swapped out oil pumps for me, but to no avail. When the engine finally went, dad put a 351 Cleveland into this bad boy. That lasted about 2 days until I twisted the transmission while doing a power stall. Dad decided it was about time to get rid of the Mustang. Probably a good idea. The only custom things I did to this car was I replaced the stock stereo with a Jensen tape player, and added 2 Jensen 6x9's in the back. This was really before my stereo craze. Oh, and dad and I painted a black stripe down the center of the hood. I can't remember why, but it looked pretty cool.