1993 Saturn SC2
1993 - 1999

This was actually my wife's car, but after my Festiva blew up and my Dune Buggy got stolen we ended up sharing this car for a while. This was a Saturn sports coupe, and was loaded. Leather interior, sun roof, power everything -- nice car. Never did anything with the stereo in it (hey, wasn't my car), but we sure drove the heck out of it.

This car has a lot of good stories. While we were living in Spokane, WA, it was stolen. It was missing for the greater part of a day, and we found it later that day with a broken window and about 300 miles on it. Then, a few weeks later, the engine blew, and we had to replace the engine. Of course, neither of those were Saturn's fault. For the most part, it was a good car that we drove the crap out of (100,000 miles in 6 years).

We sold this car to a co-worker in 1999.