1996 Dodge Neon
Fall, 1996 - 2003

This Neon was the first car I ever purchased new. I drove the car off the lot and next door to "Custom Car Stereos", where I replaced the stock radio with an Eclipse CD player. Later on, I added a Punch 75 amp and 2 Crunch 12's in the trunk in a crappy box with too many air ports. It would probably have be a decent box if it didn't have so many vents!

The Neon was a screamin' little machine. I once had the speedometer buried far past 120+ mph on the straightaways in Montana.

At 35,000 miles, the car developed an oil leak which turned out the be the head gasket. Eventually Dodge agreed to fix it for free. At around 70,000 miles, the paint began peeling, and the transmission developed a leak. I had the leak fixed but never did anything about the paint. At somewhere around 80,000 miles, we sold this car to a co-worker's 16 year old daughter. (It was totalled shortly after that.)

The Neon was a good car, we just outgrew it.