1986 Honda Shadow 1100
Spring, 2002 - Winter, 2002

My father bought this motorcycle basically new in 1987. I have asked him every year since then if he was ready to sell it. In 2002, he gave in. Don't feel too sorry for him, it's basically because due to his Corvette, his new Chevy truck, and his '56 Olds, he was out of room! I made room, and moved this bad boy to my garage.

In the winter of 2002, my dad has sold his Corvette and his Olds and got motorcycle fever again. I sold the motorcycle back to my dad for the original purchase price. He got his bike back, and I got to ride it for free basically for 6 months. While I liked the Shadow (and looked good on it, too!), I decided in the end what I really wanted was a sport bike.