1999 Isuzu Rodeo
Summer, 1999 - Spring, 2006

This was the third new vehicle Susan and I have owned (after Susan's Saturn and my Neon). On both the Saturn and the Neon we skimped on some of the options and later regretted it. For that reason, we got this vehicle loaded. This Rodeo had every option except 4WD: power windows, power locks, 3 power points (extra cigarette lighter spots), 3 transmissions (standard, Winter, and Towing), cruise, tilt, 6-Disc CD changer in the dash, luggage rack, running boards, 17 inch wheels and tires, etc etc.

After only 2 years, this car had 38,000 miles on it and was going strong. I never did any major modifications to it, mostly because Susan would have killed me. (She has to sleep sometime.)

After purchasing my Chevy Avalanche, we sold the Rodeo (with around 120,000 miles) to a co-worker for $4k.