1979 Formula Firebird
Fall, 1990

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! This lean, mean, racing machine was a LOT of fun to drive (and destroy). Complete with the Formula Firebird sticker package and a lead foot supplied by me, this Pontiac tore up the streets ... and my driving record along with it.

This is the car that I started experimenting with car stereos in. I added a Jensen tape player, a Roadmaster amp (woo woo!), and 2 Pyramid 15's in a box build to go behind a truck seat. Who cared, we just set it in the back seat! Even better, it was made of particle board, so it was always leaving chunks of wood and crap in my car. The woofers had no bass whatsoever and people used to call me the "Treble Rebel". I also replaced the rear 6x9's with some Sony's I believe.

One of the best things about this car was that my friend Andy had a 1978 Trans Am and my friend Jeff had a 1981 Z28. We felt like real bad asses when we would park them all side-by-side at school.

One day out of the blue the engine started knocking -- probably due to a complete lack of car care on my part, Anyway, I ended up trading it straight across to a schoolmate for a piece of crap Monte Carlo that was so ugly you wouldn't believe it (more on it later). The guy that got the Firebird sanded the whole thing down to restore it and blew the engine a month later.