2006 Chevy Avalanche
November 28, 2005

Susan and I have been discussing buying a new vehicle for a while now. I decided on this, a Chevy Avalanche. The interior (from the bed forward) is the same as a Suburban, meaning full size seating for both front and rear passengers. The bed is 5'3" long, but the rear seats fold down extending the bed into the cab, extending its length to 8'1". Pretty cool.

It's black, has the 5.3 liter engine (Chevy's 327), and came with lots of neat little features (and a tow hitch). When I drove it off the lot Monday, it had 17 miles on it.

After buying this truck, we sold both my Geo Tracker and our Isuzu Rodeo. The truck has been my daily driver since we purchased it and as of the summer of 2013 it has 110,000 miles. The truck has been to roughly 30 states.