1984 Honda CBR125
Summer, 1987 - Summer, 1989

This Honda CBR125, a present for my 14th birthday, was the first street legal vehicle I ever owned. Back then to get a motorcycle driver's license, you had to take a driving test on your bike. A speaker was placed in my helmet and a police officer followed me around, giving me directions (where to turn, and so on). I got my license on the first try, and the freedom was great. During 9th and 10th grade when all the other kids still had to ride the school bus, I got to drive my motorcycle to school.

I never had any mechanical problems with this bike. It got great mileage, and would get up and boogie pretty well for a 125. The people we purchased this bike from toted it around on the back of their RV, and so it only had 300 miles on it when we purchased it in 1987. I kept this bike for two years and rode it daily until I turned sixteen.