Karate Champ
Players: 1 or 2
Description: Vertical Fighter
Cabinet: Conversion (Dig Dug)
Bought From: eBay, 2003
KLOV Information: CLICK

I bought this game as part of a five game lot. The right player joystick has at least one broken leaf switch and needs to be replaced. The cabinet was originally a Dig Dug (you can made out the side art through the black paint). When I bought this game the player graphics were completely scrambled. I bought a new PCB off of eBay for $20, and sold my old one (listed as "working but has graphical glitches" for $15). Go me.

Update (03.01.08): A friend of mine helped me solder in a replacement leaf switch; the game now works 100%. It will need to be capped in the future, but it still looks okay and plays great.