Gauntlet II
Players: 1 to 4
Description: Labyrinth/Maze
Cabinet: Original
Price Paid: $200
Bought From: eBay, 2003
KLOV Information: CLICK

I purchased this game off of eBay for $200 and drove to Ft. Worth (240 miles) to pick it up. The joysticks are shot, but the seller threw in a spare control panel with decent joysticks (I haven't had a chance to swap them out yet). The side art is in surprisingly good condition, with only a few minor points of damage. The board has a glitch that messes up the graphics sometimes. Occasionally, the characters will be missing every other line. The seller did not inform me of this prior to sale.

Update (November, 2011): Sold the game to Robb Sherwin who had the game shipped to Denver. When the shippers showed up they smashed their rental truck into my basketball goal, breaking off the rim.