Players: 1 or 2
Description: Racing
Cabinet: Conversion
Bought From: eBay
KLOV Information: CLICK

RoadBlasters was one of my favorite games as a kid, so I was excited to run across this deal. I purchased it from a seller located in Hutchinson, Kansas (three or four hours north of me) but the seller was headed to Dallas (four hours south of me) and ended up delivering the game to my house for free. Can't beat that! The game originally worked, sounded and played perfectly, but recently it has developed a problem and now won't power up. I hope to solve the problem soon.

UPDATE: The problem turned out to be a dead power supply. Swapped it out with a working one and the game sprung back to life. I also recently traded for a new control panel which is in much better condition than the one I had, so the cabinet looks even better than before. I'll update the picture soon!