Multi Williams
Players: 1 or 2
Description: Multicade (19-in-1)
Cabinet: Williams Conversion
Bought From: Local Seller (2012)
PCB Information: CLICK

After moving to our new home I traded five of my old cabinets for this multicade 19-in-1. I thought the cabinet looked very nice and had nice artwork and looked nice in the home. Unfortunately of the 19 games included on this system, the kids only liked a couple of them (Joust, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.) and didn't play most of the others including Defender, Robotron, and so on. One frustrating thing about this PCB is that some of the games play better with 4-way sticks while some play better with 8-way sticks. Even with that, I thought it was a fine machine. I recently sold this machine to the guys at Arkadia Retrocade. I'm not sure if they're going to put in the party room, use it for parts, or resell it.