Buster Bros.
Players: 2
Description: Arcade
Cabinet: Conversion (Complete)
Price Paid: $50
Bought From: SuperAuctions, 1/11/2008
KLOV Information: CLICK

I bought this game non-working at an auction. The auctioneer said the game "was working earlier," which I have learned means nothing. I was once told a Frogger machine that was missing the PCB and power supply "was working earlier" too. When I got the machine home I discovered that the power cord had been ripped out of the power supply. With it reattached, the game worked great! Unfortunately, this is a "suicide battery" game and eventually the PCB died. I sold the PCB to one of the employees of the Arkadia Retrocade, who was able to coax it back to life with some new ROMs. With no board, I ended up installing a 60-in-1 multicade board into this machine.