Cactus Flack's
Players: 1 or 2
Description: MAME
Cabinet: Conversion
Price Paid: $???
Bought From: Inherited

Here is my MAME cabinet, named Cactus Flack's (a tribute to my favorite local arcade, Cactus Jack's). This cabinet has been in my family for years -- my dad bought it for my sister many years ago. When we bought it, the "obviously-used-to-be-Donkey-Kong-Junior" cabinet had been converted to JAMMA and was running Sega's Tetris-clone Bloxeed. The monitor began showing signs of needing a cap, and eventually failed. Eventually, I gutted the insides of the cabinet (I gave the monitor and power supply away to a fellow collector) and converted the insides to MAME, leaving the outside basically the way I received it. The original Nintendo controls were wired up to an iPac. The PC is a 1mhz system with 256 meg of RAM I believe. I wrote the custom front end the machine is running in Visual Basic (when I get all the kinks ironed out, I'll be giving it away for free). I printed the marquee on an inkjet plotter.

Pictures of this cabinet were featured in the O'Reilly book Retro Gaming Hacks. More pictures of the cabinet (and scans from the book) coming soon.

UPDATE: Stripped the MAME components out of this cabinet and sold it as an empty Nintendo cabinet for $50.