Mortal Kombat
Players: 1 or 2
Description: Fighting
Cabinet: Conversion (Gravitar/Black Widow)
Price Paid: FREE
Bought From: Family Friend
KLOV Information: CLICK

This game was originally owned by my sister's husband's boss. After the monitor died, he no longer wanted the game, so he donated it to me. The cabinet was originally Gravitar and was converted to Black Widow. The original control panel has been removed and replaced with a custom Mortal Kombat one. The game has a Mortal Kombat marquee. The side art is a mixture of Gravitar and Black Widow stuck on top of one another with several sections missing. Currently the game plays blind.

NOTE: I am currently working on restoring this game. Please check the "Work In Progress" section from the main arcade menu for more details, photos, and progress reports!