Aero Fighters
Players: 1 or 2
Description: Vertical SHMUP
Cabinet: Conversion
Price Paid: $150
Bought From: SuperAuctions, 2003
KLOV Information: CLICK

I bought this cabinet at an auction specifically for its beautiful 25" monitor. Being a JAMMA game, I can easily plug various games into it for testing purposes. I believe the cabinet was originally a Raiden game. Occasionally the sound on Aero Fighter cuts out, but I haven't yet determined whether it's the PCB or something to do with the speaker's wiring. In the near future I plan on physically cleaning up the cabinet and either converting it to a MAME cabinet or installing a multigame board.

Update: I did end up buying a 48-in-1 PCB and swapped it out. It worked great with the machine having a large vertical monitor. I sold this machine to a local buyer when we moved to the new house.