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Crawlpaper (v1.1)

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Crawlpaper is a program that randomly cycles your Windows background images. The zip file contains the executable (approximately 40k, unzipped) and an empty directory named "Wallpapers." Simply copy the Wallpapers you want to use for your Windows Desktop Wallpaper into that folder. Double-click on Crawlpaper.exe and the program will launch.

When the program launches you will see several options:

Display Order: This doesn't do anything.
Background Style: Choose between Centered/Tiled/Stretched.

You can preview the wallpapers in the small file window. If you click on "Use This Wallpaper" it will apply the change immediately. If you click on "Randomly Select Wallpaper" it will randomly pick a wallpaper from the folder and apply it.

The reason I wrote the program is for the Randomizer. Click "go" and Crawlpaper will "crawl" through your wallpapers in random order. The program refreshes the file list before picking so you do not need to stop the program to add new files to the wallpaper directory.

Crawlpaper is the first VB program I've written that minimized to the systray. When you minimize Crawlpaper you will see the small, light-blue crawling bug icon sitting in your systray. To go back into the options, right-click the icon, or double click it. Either way works. Enjoy!

(Update: program was upgraded to version 1.1. Apparently, the "pause" button wasn't doing anything. Now, it pauses!