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A Game of Chance!

Download: (52kb, includes .INF and .Z5 files)
Play online using Parchment: LINK
To play this game you will need an interpreter.

"Your first trip to Las Vegas was everything you had hoped for, and nothing like you could have had imagined. Any sense of time, be it hours or days, has long been abandoned; your three days in Sin City have run together into one very long blur.

The seven years you spent at community college raised your alcohol tolerance to unbelievable levels. Your doctor once told you he doubted you would live to see the age of 25 -- this, coming from the same fool who once told you it was impossible to drink gasoline straight from the pump. (Medical degree, my ass.)

The rest of your friends, along with their weak constitutions and puny livers, have all turned in for the night (at least you think it's night). You, however, have one more intoxicating adventure left in you ..."

A Game of Chance was the first text adventure I ever wrote. It was written using Inform 6 in the spring of 2010. As far as text adventures go, this one was pretty poorly designed. For example, a lot of time and effort was spent on writing conversational responses from NPCs that the player will most likely never encounter. I also wasted a lot of time designing random responses to various game events, never considering the fact that the player had no way to see more than one unless they played the game multiple times. Most people did not play the game multiple times. In fact, most people did not play it once.

By the way, the "high/low" card game at the end of the game truly is a game of chance. The game uses a random card generator that I wrote. If you lose the game, you will die. Not very fair, I know -- you might save your game right before that section.