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Hangar 22

Download: (119kb, includes .INF and .Z5)
Play online using Parchment: LINK
To play this game you will need an interpreter.

Hangar 22 was/is my first complete and fully playable text adventure. Work on Hangar 22 began in the fall of 2010, and continued through the spring of 2011. It was written in Inform 6.

In the game you play an unemployed computer programmer, on the verge of losing everything. The game is divided into two sections. In the first half of the game, your goal will be to find food and get a job. The second half of the game takes place in the mysterious government (?) underworld of Hangar 22 ...

As with my two previous attempts at text adventures/interactive fiction, I tried to add a lot of descriptions to the people and objects you'll encounter in Hanger 22, so examine everything. I also experimented by adding custom HELP/HINT and CHEAT commands to the game. If you get stuck at any point, type HELP or HINT (they do the same thing) and the game should prompt you in the right direction. If you're out and out frustrated, type CHEAT and the game should tell you what to do next. I also added COMMANDS (which lists some of the commands used in Hangar 22) and ABOUT, which gives additional information about the game.

Hangar 22 was beta-tested by Robb Sherwin, Jeff Martin, Ian Morris, Joe Ratulowski, Matt Roark, NZ17, Seth Spurlock, and multiple members of the Jolt Country and Gas Chamber forums. I could not have completed this game without Robb Sherwin's assistance. Thanks again, Robb!

I grew up playing text adventures in the late 70s, stopped in the mid-80s, and had my interest rekindled by Jason Scott's documentary Get Lamp. Hangar 22 is dedicated to Jason Scott, Robb Sherwin, Sam Patterson, Scott Adams, and my dad, Denny O'Hara, who introduced me to my first text adventure at the age of seven. Thanks to everyone still writing Interactive Fiction games, and most of all, special thanks to YOU for PLAYING THIS ONE.