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Get Lamp: An Interactive Review

Download: (71kb, includes .INF, .Z5, and Walk-Thru)
Play online using Parchment: LINK
To play this game you will need an interpreter.

"I know you're here for my review of Get Lamp," Rob says, "so let's get started."

Get Lamp: An Interactive Review, written in 2010 using Inform 6, was my attempt at writing (perhaps the first?) interactive text adventure review. Get Lamp was Jason Scott's documentary about text adventures, so I thoguht it would be fitting to review the movie in the form of a text adventure.

Inside the review, all the items you would normally pick up and look at in real life (the DVD case, the coin, etc) can all be virtually picked up and examined within the game. While not a game per se, there are also many objects within the room that "players" can examine and manipulate. The point of the review is to ask "me" about the review, after which I will tell it to you.

There are two endings to the review, and I'm not sure anyone ever reported to me that they found the second one. If you want to find out what it was/is, check out the included source code.