First time: Winter, 1995
Last time: Summer, 2012

I first went to Spokane, Washington for work in the Winter of 1995. That trip opened a door for me that the following year led to a federal job with the FAA. I moved to Spokane, Washington in August of 1996 and lived there for 18 months, returning to Oklahoma in the spring of 1998.

While living in Washington and working for the FAA, Susan and I launched our own local music magazine (Intune Magazine) on the side. There were only a few issues and we gave them away freely, but it was a lot of fun to do and I met a lot of interesting and talented people during that time.

In 2012 during our trip back from Seattle to Oklahoma, we set aside several hours to visit Spokane. We stopped by the old FAA office and saw a few of our old friends there. Unfortunately, the town had changed so much since we had last been there (15 years ago) that almost nothing remained of the Spokane I remembered. All my favorite restaurants, clubs, and stores were gone. I found the entire incident quite disturbing and I doubt I will ever go back. There's really nothing to go back to.

In the spring of 2013 I spent a week in Seattle for work, mostly in the Renton area. Some of the places I ate at during that trip included the WildFin American Grill, Azteca, the Melrose Grill, Duke's Chowder House, the Brave Horse Tavern, and the Berliner Pub.

Last edited: Spring, 2013