First time: Spring, 1999
Last time: Fall, 2012

When you drive to DC, you go through Virginia. The first time I was in Virginia was the first time I drove to DC. The last time I was in Virginia was the last time I drove to DC. Go figure.

The highlight of driving through Virgina for me was seeing Big Fun. Click on the link if you want to know more, but basically Big Fun was a big house that a bunch of people rented for about a year in Virginia. One of the inhabitants of the house (Gus) wrote a glossary to define all the in-jokes, references, and people involved in Big Fun. The Big Fun Glossary, as it became to be known, ended up on the Internet. The article I wrote above has a link to the Big Fun Glossary, which remains online today. I don't know why I got so involved in the Big Fun story, but I did. A few years ago I bought Gus' book (a print version of the glossary), which I reviewed here.

Sadly, the battery on my camera died and I have no pictures of Big Fun. The next time I drive through I will make it a point to stop there again and take some pictures.

Last edited: Winter, 2012