New Hampshire

First time: Spring, 2008
Last time: Summer, 2013

While visiting Boston, my friend Jason Scott drove me to Laconia, New Hampshire to visit Funspot one of the largest and most well known classic arcades in existance. A pivotal point in The King of Kong takes place in Funspot which made it a fun destination, but more importantly, it's just a fantastic old school arcade.

I shot a couple dozen pictures at Funspot and wish I had taken a couple hundred.

In the summer of 2013, my family and I visited Funspot (again).

After droping over $60 worth of tokens into various arcade machines we refuled on Mexican food and cervezas down the street at the Crazy Gringo.

Funspot is pretty much the only place I've visited in New Hampshire. So far, I'm okay with that.

Last edited: Summer, 2013