First time: Summer, 1996
Last time: Summer, 2012

The first time I drove through Montana was when I moved from Oklahoma City to Spokane, Washington. After heading north out of Denver, you hang a left at Bozeman, Montana to get to Spokane, Washington. Susan and I visited Montana a couple of times while living in Spokane -- once to Missoula to attend a concert, and once to Bozeman to visit a co-worker in the hospital.

My strongest memory from that time was the drive back to Oklahoma from Spokane in the spring of 1998. That was back when Montana had removed their speed limit, changing it to "Reasonable and Prudent". Coming out of the mountains on a six-mile straightaway I decided to see what my Dodge Neon could really do. The speedometer topped out at 130mph and I had the needle buried. I believe that's the fastest I've ever gone on four wheels.

On our recent trip to and from Seattle (for our Alaskan cruise), we passed through Montana. In fact, on the way back we stopped in Missoula for the night.

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