First time: Spring, 1999
Last time: Spring, 2014

Although I'm sure I drove through Mississippi at some point prior, in the Spring of 1999 on the way to Washington DC I decided to pull over and sleep in my car in Biloxi, MIssissippi. It was one of the most miserable nights I can remember. It was so hot and muggy that night that the windows kept fogging up inside the car. When I would roll them down, giant mosquitos would swarm in and bite me in the face. Then I would roll the window up until I couldn't breathe again. I did that for about four hours before I decided to start the car up and continue driving. It was awful.

In the Spring of 2005, my friend Andy and I decided to visit the casinos in Tunica, Mississippi -- me celebrating my bachelor's degree, he, divorce. We visited all the casinos in Tunica and saw many cool things, including the Batmobile and Elvis' car from the movie Spinout.

We also drank all the alcohol in Tunica. All of it. My last memory of Mississippi is waking up on this hill at a rest stop. It was more comfortable than you might think.

In the Spring of 2014, my family and I drove to Florida for vacation. We stayed overnight at the Hollywood Casino and even though the kids are not old enough to gamble we did eat the breakfast buffet and look at some of the memorabilia including one of the cars from Back to the Future.

Last edited: Spring, 2014