First time: Summer, 1995
Last time: Summer 1995

For our honeymoon in 1995, Susan and I took a cruise to the Bahamas. We got a discount rate on the trip because we agreed to go look at a time share in Miami, a ridiculous exercise as we could barely afford rent on our mobile home at the time. After sitting through a four hour sales pitch, we were allowed to leave and continue on to the Bahamas.

Here I am in my stylish beach attire, getting ready to go down to the shore and go swimming. We did that a lot because it was free and we were broke.

While in the Bahamas, we bought a lot of t-shirts as gifts. The further you got from the hotel, the cheaper the t-shirts got. Close to the hotel, t-shirts were $10. We bought ours in the 5/$10 part of town.

One thing that we could afford in the Bahamas was alcohol. The "Bahama Mamas" there were very potent and I don't remember this picture being taken.

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